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BinsNow Waste management Ltd. Family owned and Operated Disposal Dumpster Rentals in Calgary and surrounding areas. BinsNow is a proud Canadian company providing dumpster rentals and junk removal services. Our bins are made right here in Canada and our drive-way safe with doble doors for easy loading.
Whether it’s one dumpster or several trash bins, delivered in full professional service to all of our customers.
We serve Calgary, Airdrie, Balzac, Cochrane, Chestemere, Okotoks, De Winton, Langdon, Cross field, Irricana and more.

Types of Dumpster Rentals

Bins Now offers a variety of dumpster rentals for any type of project or business need:

A container for every job.


What our containers are used for.

  • Residential waste

  • Yard and green waste

  • Roofing and drywall waste

  • Home renovation

  • Construction and demolition

  • Material deliveries

Pedro Pacheco
Pedro Pacheco
Awesome service! Highly recommended for residential bin rental!
Ana Fidegnia Brown
Ana Fidegnia Brown
Very easy to rent, Very helpful staff, drop off and pick up on time and super smooth. I would totally recommend Bins Now
Dee Runey
Dee Runey
Thanks for the prompt service. Excellent pricing. 😊
Great service. Had bin dropped off and picked up the next day.
Eliza Pru
Eliza Pru
Definitely recommend this company. Easy to communicate and flexible. That’d be better if they have options for one day, two days rental rate as not everyone would need one week rental.
Alirio Alvarez
Alirio Alvarez
I like how easy it is to talk to them and to be able to trust the work they do because of how they treat me and always with a smile, because sometimes we don't know how this type of service works and I am happy with the result.
Maidee Penaranda
Maidee Penaranda
Great Service & very affordable prices! Thank you for answering all my questions! I’ll definitely use you guys again in the future!
Yarly Rojas
Yarly Rojas
Great company to deal with! As easy as making a phone call to schedule for a bin drop off and I personally had put together all the house debris that I wanted to get rid off so it was just throwing everything in the bin and notifying that it was ready for pick up. such a smooth transaction. Thank you!!!
John Betancourt
John Betancourt
The bin service is great for all types of projects. They are very reliable, come in on time and it's very convenient. We used it for our project and we loved the efficiency and how easy the process was. We will use again for any future projects, we highly recommend.
sara stefania barreto gomez
sara stefania barreto gomez
All I have to say is Thank you for such an amazing service. The bin company that I was using before called me and canceled the services that I requested days in advance. I had my schedule and they just messed up everything. I called BinsNow and Janer was great. I had a bin at the back of my house within hours. The service was quick, easy and simple. I am 100% using this company again for all my projects and houses renovations.

How it works.


1. Contact Us

Call or e-mail to discuss your project and get a bin rental quote.


2. Bin Drop-Off

You pick the delivery date, time and preferred spot.


3. Fill Your Bin

Simply load the bin.


4. Bin Pick-Up

When you are finished with the container, give us a call and we will remove.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size container do I need for my project? And how to determine the size?
Step 1: Assess the Scope of Your Project Before determining the size of the container, it is important to fully understand the scope of your project.Step 2...........
If I compare several dumpster rental companies, what questions should I ask myself?
When comparing several dumpster rental companies, it’s important to ask yourself a series of questions to ensure you make an informed decision. Here are some key questions to consider: .............